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RIP Google Answers - April 2002 - December30, 2006
The Pirate Bay - Discussion Boards
Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones
RIAA - Authorized Online Music Sources
Game Room Antiques
Database for New & Used Attachments - Construction...
Loompanics Unlimited - hard to find, controversial...
The NPAC/OLDA Visible Human Viewer
Grand Illusions
Best of Google Answers - Blog
An Insider's View of Google Answers - By David Sarokin
Kevin Kelly's Review of Google Answers
What to do after you ask a question on Google Answers
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Google Answers: How to price your question
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RIP Google Answers - April 2002 - December30, 2006

It's official:

Adieu to Google Answers - 11/28/2006 10:22:00 PM

From a Google Answers Researcher perspective, this outcome is no surprise. We saw it coming and have discussed the lack of interest in the site ad-nauseum to infinity. The signs were everywhere, even Commenters at the site noticed the diminishing activity. Oh well. As usual--the eternal optimist that I am, I will look for the silver lining in the dark cloud. If opportunity knocks, I will listen. If anyone wants to offer me an online job similar to this one, I'll make it really easy to contact me:

RIP Google Answers - April 2002 - December30, 2006 - Wednesday, November 29, 2006 -

The Pirate Bay

Incredible web site. Absolutely Shameless. The Pirate Bay host links to any pirated material you could ever hope to find. Just for fun, I entered "Steely Dan" and amongst the long list of results was a single link to 10 full albums. On the general page marked "Recent" I saw a link to "Every Metallica Album" --over 5 Gigabites in size.:

Metallica - ALL ALBUMS[1983-2003-FLAC[lossless]1000kbits+
12-23 12:05 • 5.54 GiB

Here's what they have to say about themselves:

..."The Pirate Bay is the worlds largest bittorrent tracker. Bittorrent is a filesharing protocol that in a reliable way enables big and fast file transfers.

This is an open tracker, where anyone can download torrent files. To be able to upload torrent files, write comments and personal messages one must register at the site. This is of course free.

The members at The Pirate Bay represents a broad spectrum of file sharers. Therefore material that seem offensive might be available. Do not contact us if there is anything you find offensive, instead focus on the material that you find positive. The Pirate Bay only removes torrents if the name isn't in accordance with the content. One must know what is being downloaded.

Only torrent files are saved at the server. That means no copyrighted and/or illegal material are stored by us. It is therefore not possible to hold the people behind The Pirate Bay responsible for the material that is being spread using the tracker. Any complaints from copyright and/or lobby organizations will be ridiculed and published at the site..."

The days of hunting for pirated ANYTHING has officially ended.

Bit Torrents are a bit different that standard Peer-to-Peer file sharing, but it's still very easy:

BitTorrents 101: How Torrents Work

..."Question: How are torrents special? How is the torrent community different from Kazaa or Limewire?

Answer: Like the other file-sharing networks (Kazaa, Limewire, Gnutella, eDonkey, and Shareaza) BitTorrent’s primary purpose is to distribute large media files to private users. Unlike most P2P networks, however, BitTorrent stands out for 5 major reasons:

• BitTorrent networking is NOT a publish-subscribe model like Kazaa; instead, BitTorrent is true Peer-Peer networking where the users do the actual file serving.

• Torrents enforce quality control by filtering out corrupted and dummy files, ensuring that downloads contain only what they claim to contain.

• Torrents actively encourage users to share (“seed”) their complete files, while punishing users who "leech".

• BitTorrent can achieve download speeds over 1500 kilobits per second.

• BitTorrent code is open-source, advertising-free, and adware/spyware-free. This means that no single person profits from BitTorrent's success.

Wow, I haven't been paying attention!

Here's the other 4 of the TOP 5 Bit Torrent sites on the Internet:

..."A no-fee torrent site, MiniNova is still young. But it is a clean and reliable interface with fast access and searching. With time, the membership and database here will grow..."

..."Formerly known as “Bi-Torrents”, BiteNova is a free Torrent site with a spartan look and fast searching format..."

..."This Canadian database has managed to stave off the threat of one MPAA law suit. Alas, the site is now again being sued by the MPAA as of February, 2006. The site owner is a true libertarian, and needs financial help mounting a defense against the MPAA. Read the details at the Isohunt home page. This is an outstanding torrent database, and P2P users are cheering for its continued success and operations..."

Torrent Damage
..."This spot was previously occupied by Torrent-damage has now risen to take its place because of user voting. Although torrent-damage is a bit cumbersome to navigate for new users, and the site does require you to register with a free account, many readers comment that the effort is absolutely worth it. Just get used to "right click, save target as..." as a daily command at this site..."

Anyone say bigger hard drive?
The Pirate Bay - Thursday, April 20, 2006 - - Discussion Boards

A long time ago in computer time (1998), I was too broke to get my computer fixed. When I finally did get enough money, I realized I had nearly enough to buy a second computer. So I waited a couple more weeks, maybe a month, and bought a second tower through the newspaper. It came with a monitor, keyboard, all that. I set it up and got back online. Then, I started trying to figure out how to fix my old broken one.

In no time at all, really, it was less than a week, my old computer was as good as new. Then my husband and I both had computers. ALL for FREE! --except the cost of the computer, which would have been a repair.

You'll want to poke around at VirtualDr and find out where you should be looking. If you want, you can describe your computer problem, and I'll point you to the right section of VirtualDr.

What happens at VirtualDr at first is --you register. You can then either search the site for a similar problem that you're having, or START A NEW THREAD! Then, folks will help you step by step. It doesn't matter how new you are, these folks are patient and kind. If you don't understand them, you can tell them and they will use smaller words and break it down into smaller steps.

I have received an incredible amount of help there. What ended up happening was I fixed the other computer with their help. In fact, I have NEVER taken a computer to a shop, ever again!

I simply can't speak high enough about the good work these volunteers do. When you start praising them, they urge you to start scanning questions to see if you can help anyone. So, I did that and now I help others on the site where I first learned how to troubleshoot and repair my own computer.

It's sectioned off by operating system. If you are having another type of problem, say networking or hardware problem, there's sections for that too.

Be sure to check them out! - Discussion Boards - Monday, January 02, 2006 -

Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones

Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones Unbelievable as it seems, the spy phones are here, well, in France, but coming soon to a store near you.


..."If you want to eavesdrop on conversations taking place when you are not there, simply 'forget' to bring your Nokia mobile phone and leave it where you want to spy. Once out of the area, call your handset from any other phone. It will activate itself and voila, you can now conveniently listen to any conversation being made in the vicinity of the spy phone. It’s handy in the office if you want to know what’s REALLY going on about this or that deal. And of course, this gadget is a veritable must have for anyone who wants to spy on a (rumored) philandering partner..."

I wonder what this will do to the divorce rate?
Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones - Sunday, September 04, 2005 -

RIAA - Authorized Online Music Sources

The Recording Industry Association of America has posted a page with all the legal sources of music on the Internet. This is it.
RIAA - Authorized Online Music Sources - -

Game Room Antiques

This site is cool if you like old style gaming equipment. They have it all here. You can buy, sell, trade slot machines, pinballs, juke boxes, pachinko, gumball, claw machines. They have auto love seat sofas. Incredible! Arcade games, sport and carnival games, kiddie rides, old barber poles, gas pumps and payphones. They have old records, 78's and 45's too! Old vending machines, fortune tellers, product dispensers. They also have neon sighn, 40's-40's style bars, back bars, diner booths and accessories. All collectable, all for sale. They also carry a wide array of repair manuals for old gaming and music equipment. The site has over 100 pages of stuff to look through. A great resource, if you need it.
Game Room Antiques - Wednesday, August 31, 2005 -

Database for New & Used Attachments - Construction Equipment --This link is a real find if you need it. You can scour the Internet for hours looking for classified listings of that one particular attachment for your heavy equipment. All makes and models, all types of attachments. Here's what the site owner Randy Johnson says:

..." is your one source on the Internet to buy and sell new and used attachments for construction machinery. Our user friendly database of classified listings makes it easy to locate attachments throughout North America. Your search can be as broad or as narrow as you wish. And, our convenient links to virtually all North American attachment manufacturers ensure that you will find the attachment you need..."

You can search the database and place a Wanted ad for free. Placing a For Sale ad starts at $9.95/mo.
Database for New & Used Attachments - Construction Equipment - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 -

Loompanics Unlimited - hard to find, controversial, unusual books

My friend Mark S. (the longshoreman), showed me this site. I have personally bought two books from this publisher. ..."Loompanics Unlimited is a publishing and bookselling company specializing in odd, unusual, controversial, and wild-ass books, with an emphasis on questioning authority..."

In business for 28 years, this small business, releases about 15 of titles a year, and offers about 150 new titles a year from other publishers. If you're looking for the type of book you can't walk up to the counter of Barnes and Noble and ask for, it's probably here.
Loompanics Unlimited - hard to find, controversial, unusual books - -

The NPAC/OLDA Visible Human Viewer

This Java applet allows you to select and view high-resolution images of 2-dimensional slices of a human body, using image data taken from the Visible Human Project of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

This applet has won some awards and been featured in some magazines, books and TV shows.
The NPAC/OLDA Visible Human Viewer - Monday, August 29, 2005 -

Grand Illusions

Take a break. ..."Welcome to Grand Illusions, the site for the enquiring mind.
With optical illusions, scientific toys, visual effects, and even a little magic..."
Grand Illusions - -

Kelly Blue Book - Online

I remember when you used to have to buy the book. Not anymore, now anyone can go to their web site and look up the high and low values on vehicles, including choosing options and condition: fair to excellent. It never ceases to amaze me how much information is free these days, and how fast we can get it. This site is a fine example of an excellent online resource.
Kelly Blue Book - Online - -

FilmScouts - Virtual Theater of Movie Trailers

I have linked you directly to the page where there is a list of newly released movies that are "Now Showing" in theaters.

It's much like going into a theater; the terminology, choice of graphics, and overall web design. When you go in, note the last digit of the number that follows the name of the Trailer you want to watch. It'll be either L for left or R for right. Then, click any movie title. Inside, go into the Left or Right Screening Room. Next, Call the Projectionist and click on the trailer. It's simple, and it's very fun to watch these. Much better than reading the reviews. These are long, 10-20MB's each. Enjoy.
FilmScouts - Virtual Theater of Movie Trailers - -

MovieFlix - Watch Movies Online - Free

If you like old films, and classic TV, this is for you. Just like the title implies, you can watch movies online for free at this web site. Don't get me wrong, they're not all free, but there's enough free movies to browse for an hour --while deciding what to watch. There's tons of categories and a big enough selection to warrant being listed here. Do you know anywhere else on the net where you can simply register, and start watching movies, for free? If so, please comment because I'd like to know about it..
MovieFlix - Watch Movies Online - Free - -

ATM Locator - Worldwide

There's not much to say about this, you select a region on their map, a country, a city then a zip code, ...voila! All the ATM's in your zip code appear on the result page.
ATM Locator - Worldwide - Sunday, August 28, 2005 -

Online Book: "A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife" by Victor Zammit

Victor Zammit's online book: "A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife" promises ..."Irrefutable Objective Evidence that there is without any doubt whatsoever scientific evidence for the existence of the afterlife. Lawyer Victor Zammit presents twenty three different areas of evidence showing that the existence of the afterlife can be proved ‘absolutely’ in his book..."

...And He Delivers.

This is a fascinating subject. I ran into this link a few years ago and was mesmerized by Dr. Zammit's objectivity in presenting this material to the public. What I like about this book --and his entire web site, is he focuses on facts. He doesn't mix in religion, metaphysics, spirit jargon --there's no images of swirling angels in the background that make me wonder if the author of said sites is in touch with reality, or smoking something stronger that marijuana. He's not wearing a long skirt and has no flowers in his hair. He does not channel entities from the "otherworld" --and he is not bringing a message from the spirit-world suggesting the earth is doomed if we don't change our ways.

It is because of this, and the content of the book, and the way it is presented, that makes me include this as an objective, well written and cited source for information about the afterlife. None of will know for sure until we leave this world. Until then, I prefer to remain openminded and optimistic.

I have linked directly to his book, but his entire site is worthy of your investigation, click on HOME to start at the beginning.

Online Book: "A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife" by Victor Zammit - -

Human For Sale

What are you worth? This site attempts to tell you your "value." This is what they say:

..."Have you been thinking about putting yourself up for sale lately? Ever wonder how much money you could get on the open human market? will attempt to place a value on your life using a variety of criteria in 4 basic facets of life (physical,mental,lifestyle,personality). This is obviously a very subjective matter and is not intended and does not claim to be scientifically accurate. The more honestly you answer the questions, the more realistic the dollar value returned will be. .....Select your gender to proceed....."
Human For Sale - -

Sales Circulars - Nationwide

Do you want to know what's on sale at the Retail Stores this week? Want to buy something but also don't want to drive all over town? Did you lose your Sunday & Wednesday Sales Circulars that come in the Newspaper?

I'm not talking Grocery Ads, I'm talking computer hardware and software (including games), audio and video electronics, cell phones, appliances, that type of thing.

Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Kmart, Office Depot, Office Max, Radio Shack, Sears, Staples, Target, WalMart and select local retailers are all here. Click on your state for a category list, select something --and be amazed. All the stores lined up for price comparison. Very Handy.
Sales Circulars - Nationwide - -

STEAL THIS BOOK by Abbie Hoffman

Complete text. For the story behind the book, ckick HERE.

August 26, 1996
(St. Louis, MO) -- ..."Vintage Vinyl Records in St. Louis is proud to offer Abbie Hoffman’s long out of print Yippie classic, Steal This Book, on its web site. Read it, download it, copy it, distribute it, burn it, whatever you want--at least you can now get it FOR FREE. Before Hoffman died, he gave a copy of his book to co-conspirator Dr. Bill Hartel and instructed him to do with it what he wanted; with the rise of the internet, the book has now found its logical home. In observance of the Democratic National Convention, and in memory of The Chicago Seven, Dr. Bill Hartel has decided that the time is now for Steal This Book’s authorized cyber-debut..."

STEAL THIS BOOK by Abbie Hoffman - -

An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Cyber Maps

You've never seen maps like these. I can't explain it in my own words, here's theirs:

..."This is an atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other emerging Cyberspaces.

These maps of Cyberspaces - cybermaps - help us visualise and comprehend the new digital landscapes beyond our computer screen, in the wires of the global communications networks and vast online information resources. The cybermaps, like maps of the real-world, help us navigate the new information landscapes, as well being objects of aesthetic interest. They have been created by 'cyber-explorers' of many different disciplines, and from all corners of the world.

Some of the maps you will see in the Atlas of Cyberspaces will appear familiar, using the cartographic conventions of real-world maps, however, many of the maps are much more abstract representations of electronic spaces, using new metrics and grids. The atlas comprises separate pages, covering different types of cybermaps..."

An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Cyber Maps - -

Citizen's Self Arrest Form

When you commit a crime, it is your duty to arrest yourself. This handy form will assist you in this. I have included this here in case you are a criminal and want to do the right thing. Plus, it's just plain strange.

Repeat after me:

..."I am under arrest. I have a right to remain silent. Anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law. I have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him/her present with me while I question myself. If I cannot afford to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent me, if I wish one, before I question myself. If I decide to make a statement, I may stop at any time..."

If you don't want to arrest yourself, maybe you should Click Here.
Citizen's Self Arrest Form - -


I've had this in my bookmarks for years. I still don't know what to make of it, therefore, I keep going back, trying to figure it out. For that reason, I'm including it here. If you can figure it out, please, by all means, comment on it here and enlighten me. I don't want to tell you much about it and spoil your fun.

What you do need to know is that it is very strange, not only is the content strange but the site navigation is weird. There's "Inward" on the left, and "Outward" on the right. I don't have a clue what significance that has, but if you miss one, you're only getting half the show.

PS: When you get there and are totally confused, go back to the Front Page and change the last digit of the URL to different numbers. Reload. I chose #1 to give you, but any number from 1 to 6 works. Or, if you stare at the front page long enough, it will reload with a different image by itself.
The SPLEEN - -

Janet's Investigative Links

This is a small but useful collection of links, I use it at least once a week. I put it here in case something happens to my computer or backups, I won't have have to scour Tripod looking for Janet, again.
Janet's Investigative Links - -

Online Surgery - Live Broadcasts

Please note, I did NOT link to the Home Page of this Surgeon's web site, I linked to the Live Surgery page. His home page is trying to sell you cosmetic surgery, that's not interesting.

This is not a joke. I saw a hip surgery here, ...well, what I could watch of it before turning away. He broadcasts all types of surgeries, --live on the Internet, --you can watch right in your browser. He has live broadcasts of Childbirth and Brain Surgery scheduled, so don't forget to check back.

Here's a little known fact about this Clinic. It's possible to get free surgery here, but of course, you guessed it, it's broadcast live, online.
Online Surgery - Live Broadcasts - -


I hate math, but that's ok at CuriousMath, math is an attitude, and math is interesting. This site somehow kept my attention for 3 half a day when I found it a couple years ago. If you are impressed by those math tricks some folks do in their heads, it's here. Available here is: Facts, Trivia & Fun - Tricks, Rules & Methods, and Math News. Math Forums, math products, math everywhere. From simple to advanced there something here to intrigue everyone. Not your everyday math site, for sure.

Here's a teaser:

1. Grab a calculator. (you won't be able to do this one in your head)
2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the area code)
3. Multiply by 80
4. Add 1
5. Multiply by 250
6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number
7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again.
8. Subtract 250
9. Divide number by 2

Do you recognize the answer?

Besides this type of thing, there are folks that have posted formulas for figuring out just about anything you can imagine. I must remember to give my collegue "mathtalk-ga" this link! Check it out.
CuriousMath - -

Complete Planet - Deep Web Database Directory

This site is an incredible research resource. It has cataloged over 70,000+ searchable databases and specialty search engines.. You can search by keyword, or simply browse the directory by category.

It's powered by BrightPlanet, be sure to check them out. They have a Deep Query Manager that promises to drill you way down into the deep web and help you easily find and access databases that are not indexed by Google, or standard search engines.

..."There are hundreds of thousands of databases that contain Deep Web content. CompletePlanet is the front door to these Deep Web databases on the Web and to the thousands of regular search engines — it is the first step in trying to find highly topical information. By tracing through CompletePlanet's subject structure or searching Deep Web sites, you can go to various topic areas, such as energy or agriculture or food or medicine, and find rich content sites not accessible using conventional search engines..."
Complete Planet - Deep Web Database Directory - -

Flash Movie: The Many Uses of the Word F***

Public Service Video's Presents... The Many Uses of the Word F***.

If you are offended by the "F" word, please don't click on this link.

By the way, the F word is NOT FRANCE.

If you like this sort of thing, I found it here.

Some of the other flash movies are adult related, clicker beware!
Flash Movie: The Many Uses of the Word F*** - -

Jesus Dress Up

CAUTION: This may offend some people, if you think it may offend you, please don't click the link.

This page lets you select clothes and drag them across the page to clothe an underwear clad Jesus on the cross.

Normal Bob Smith is the guy that created this thing. I'm afraid to poke around his site. Normal? I dunno, maybe...
Jesus Dress Up - -

The First Human Male Pregnancy

Although I'm certain this site is a parody, it's extremely well done. The reason I know it's parody, is that I found this link in 2000, and it's the same guy, also look at the URL.... Either he's setting a record for the longest pregnancy, or this is a well-crafted joke.

Click on it and view the site, you'll be impressed, it looks like a fairly high class medical clinic, he's got an online diary of his pregnancy and there are videos, the whole shebang to make it realistic.
The First Human Male Pregnancy - -

Corpses For Sale

Now I have seen it all, I think. Sheesh, what will I find on the Internet tomorrow that could possibly top this? No, they're not real, Thank Gawd, but one has to wonder, What could normal people possibly want with a guaranteed realistic fake corpse?

Makes me shudder to think about it. Read this from the site:

..."Each corpse is Hand Crafted and is very durable in construction. Total attention to detail is seen in certain features such as nostril cavities and fingernails that are imbedded into the decaying skin. The corpse is fully articulated so the head turns from side to side, the mouth opens and will snap shut, all the limbs move and the fingers can be bent into different positions.

You can choose to have lights installed in the eyes and when turned on give off a bright glow that illuminates the whole eye socket. The lights have a life of 10,000 hours. A streamline rocker switch is built into the body for easy access yet is concealed from view. The back opens up for battery replacement and any wiring maintenance. Two wads of decaying flesh are included to be inserted into the eye sockets when the lights are not in use.

Each corpse is Hand-Made to your specifications. The Corpses For Sale page contains the variations that you can choose to make your corpse unique from all others. You can choose the Hair Color, Skin Color and the approximate Degree Of Decay. If you have any special request please E-mail me or note them on the order form and I will see that they are incorporated in the construction or notify you if it is not possible.

The corpses are extremely realistic. The pictures do not show the actual realism as seeing it live. You could literally be standing one foot away and not really be sure if it was real or not (except for the lack of smell and the slim possibility of coming in contact with a real corpse). The skin is made from liquid latex so even touching it feels real..."

Don't miss the "New Products" page for more corpse-type offerings. Even more scary? Di Stephano, the creator of these products, has won awards.
Corpses For Sale - -

Zeno's Forensic Science Forum

This is different, for sure. We've all been to forums. How about a Forensic Forum as Zeno calls it: ..."Forensic Science, Medicine and Psychology forum...", where forensic scientists pick each others brains? I bet you haven't seen this. The board is not really active, but there are posts nearly every day. Because it's not a hoppin' place, I changed the view for you. One years worth of topics in four pages or so.

I looked at it today, there was a guy that had links to a couple pics --he wanted help determining if they were human. This is the stuff CSI is made of. Please, don't disturb these people, I enjoy being a forensic voyuer and don't want them to password access to view.
Zeno's Forensic Science Forum - -

SearchSystems - National Public Records Directory

This is a huge site that has saved me a ton of time when I need to find public records. They have linked and indexed over 34,018 searchable databases that are free to the public. Canada and Australia are included, although not as complete and extensively indexed. Here's what they say:

..."Online since 1997, Search Systems continues to be by far the largest and best directory of free public record databases on the Internet. Use our handpicked resources to find business information, corporate filings, property records, unclaimed property, professional licenses, offenders, inmates, criminal and civil court filings, and much more. Click on the links below to browse the public record links by category or geographic location, or use our "Public Record Locator" above to search for a type of public record in a specific area..."
SearchSystems - National Public Records Directory - -


Almost in the "Now I've Seen Everything" category, this is a courthouse on the Internet. Plantiffs, Defendants, Jurors, real cases, real awards. This site has gotten a lot of press, seems Attorneys are presenting mock (real) cases to the jurors here to test the strength of their cases. Hmmm...
iCourthouse - -

FrameShop - ColorMaker - TableMaker

The link above is for FrameShop, the links for ColorMaker and TableMaker are below.

When I was experimenting with different types of web pages, I tried frames, haven't we all? Creating frames that work correctly can be difficult for a newbie, so I cheated. Now you can cheat too with FrameShop! Frankly, I still use FrameShop to get the HTML started, then I modify it.

FrameShop was created by Sam Choukri in 1997. Thanks Sam!

Note at the bottom Sam also has two other nifty online tools:

ColorMaker and TableMaker

They are just as useful as the FrameMaker, try them out.
FrameShop - ColorMaker - TableMaker - -

Online Web Page Generator - cut and paste resulting html

This is really unusual. Everyone has seen free hosts with the WYSIWYG templates like Angelfire et all. This is a different breed. Try it out for fun, even if you have a web site, this is cool. If you know someone that wants a little something different and knows nothing about html but doesn't like the simple templates of a free host, pass it along.

Open the link in a new window/tab so you can follow along with my instructions.

You should be at the page that has tan on the sides, and some buttons in an orange navigation bar with buttons, white center.

The focus is on "BACKGROUND" in the center area. Below that you see:

COLOR-------------(drop menu)
TYPE--------------(drop menu)
IMAGE-------------(drop menu)

Start with "COLOR" in the drop menu, select something different. Each choice will reload the web page you are looking at to reflect changes. When you find something you like, stop and go to "TYPE" below. Select a Texture for your Color by trying out several of the choices. Again, each choice will reload the page to reflect changes. When you're happy, go to "IMAGE" and do the same thing.

Next, under Background is "BUTTONS" --click that. "Background" closes and Buttons opens, now the focus is on Buttons with new choices:

SIZE-------------(drop menu)
COLOR------------(drop menu)
IMAGE------------(drop menu)
SAMPLES----------(drop menu)

Do the same in Buttons that you did in Background, use the drop menus to select what you want and wait for the page to reload after each choice to see the changes.

Next is "DIVIDERS" --I bet you're getting the hang of this now.

COLOR------------(drop menu)
IMAGE------------(drop menu)

PAGE SIZE--------(drop menu)
ALIGNMENT--------(drop menu)
TABLE COLOR------(drop menu)
MENU COLOR-------(drop menu)
MAIN COLOR-------(drop menu)

When you're done, disable your popup blocker for a minute so you can see the final result. Click the button: SHOW ME THE HTML CODE AND GRAPHICS. A popup opens with your chosen graphics which you would then save to your hard drive. Scroll below the graphics in the popup to see the html code you created. Copy and paste it into notepad, whatever you want.

Lastly, you can customize the graphics and HTML. For instance, you can add text to your blank buttons (link below, another cool site).

Hey, even if you don't like the choices offered, you can always substitute the graphics and such for your own choices, at least the HTML is done, tables and all! The tables can also easily be modified, as well as anything there.

To add text to graphics I have always used my Imager
..." is your own free everything online image editor! Upload or call images from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the the dozens of tools and filters that we offer! This is a 100% free service, offered by the great people at Cool Archive..."

Also, since I'm posting online tools, at the front page of EchoEcho there's a nifty 3D Text Heading Creator. The results are very professional.

The reason I'm including this Web Page Generator here is because there is so many options and possible results. I used it several years ago, and I didn't like the graphics. They were very easy to switch out and rename. EchoEcho says you can create over 2,000 different pages using this online tool.
Online Web Page Generator - cut and paste resulting html - Saturday, August 27, 2005 -

Looking for Friends of KnowPost has been closed since sometime in early 2000. The link goes to an old web site called "KnowPost Friends" that I made several years ago when I was afraid the site would go down. I'm glad I did, because it's gone now. I'm posting this in the hopes my old KnowPost Friends can find me, and I, them. As I find folks, I plan on updating this post with links to where we can find each other.

I loved KnowPost, as did all the regulars. It was, at the time, the Premier Q&A site on the Internet, but Google Answers has changed all that. At that time, KnowPost got press, and it had over 15,000 members. Like Google Answers, KnowPosters were rated on their answers. The difference is, the questions are a lot more difficult, and now I get paid. If it wasn't for answering questions at KnowPost, I don't think I would have been accepted as a Google Answers Researcher. I answered thousands of questions at KnowPost, --that gave me the skills to become the expert searcher I am today.

I have fond memories of the people that hung out there. So many people, I wonder where they all are!

First, get nostalgic! Look up KnowPost in the WayBackMachine

Here's what I know so far. Each of the links below is frequented by a few old KnowPosters:

GreyEyes - Unladylike Evildoers Club

Gossy - CereScape (formerly BrainFuse)

Dilbert - Ask-It-Here


There's still the KnowPost Friends Yahoo Page --would someone please log in there and post a link to this blog post there? You can use the comments link as a permalink.

And here's a link to my KnowPost Friends Site

Below are individual sites where you can find old KnowPosters

Tara has a blog:

SpudPotatoHead's got two places:
thespud Live Journal
Spud's Travels

Apollo has a neat page here. Great song, btw...

completelynaked has it going on with WHQuestion Chat
Here's the Contact Page there.

BenJ2 Personal Home Page Julian Cheah's Homepage

witty1 is here: Witty 1 Productions, Inc."

kyle9182 is still around: Kyle's Page"

Wisteria is here: Wisteria's Yahoo Profile

I think this belongs to meadow because someone named meadow signed braino's guest book, however, she says her Live Journal is members only. I found meadow here. And meadow, no, I don't have anything better to do than click on a web page that is hopelessly out of date!

Braino's page is down, but promises to be back up sometime.

Kilnamer is still around with the Spirit of Inspiration

Remember Packhawk?

Kileana is still learning how to build web pages

bigbrother's Yahoo Profile

The leftovers of whatevillurks page.

Tiarra is still here: Kelli 101

Remember Swords drawings? You can find them here.

Here's the Lizard Family Home Page

Tehuti is still writing!
Tehuti's Per on the Web
Manitou Island
The Radioactive Playground

I wonder if they ever caught who killed hippie?

yates is connected with this page.

I bet this is obbop: Right Reverend Obbop.

This is deox.

Vicnice is still in school.

Please comment if you are a KnowPoster, or know any of the old KnowPost gang so I can update with the information.
Looking for Friends of KnowPost - -

JARS - The #1 Java Review Service

I've been visiting for years. People submit their new java applications here for people to try them and get rated by the site. This is where I found Motif Backgammon, the link under this. These applications are so new, you get to see what coders are doing NOW. Some things that start off as free here, end up costing a pretty penny, so if you find something cool here, grab it while it's free. Submissions are rated in popularity: Top 1%, Top 5%, and Top 25%. Under the Ratings section the apps are categorized by category in case you want to browse a particular type of app. They have links to other sites, developers corner, resources --not only for java, other programming languages as well. I like the section called "New Submissions," some of the stuff people submit is incredible, be sure to check it out.
JARS - The #1 Java Review Service - -

Motif Backgammon - Applet

This link opens to a really neat backgammon applet, free of course. You'll need java installed and enabled to play it. It's been around since 1996, it's fast, and there are no bugs. It's pretty tough to beat, it doubles on you very early if it gets even a bit ahead. It's got a cool drag & drop interface for moving the "checkers" as he calls them. I won my first game today, and no others. I refuse to admit how many times the little bugger beat me.

You might want to check out the page before it:
Rules, Statistics, How the Applet works

I've been having fun with this for years, the link has never changed, have fun with it.
Motif Backgammon - Applet - -

Ancient Manuscripts

This is a little known site created by Glenn Kimball. His interest is in rare and hard-to-find books and manuscripts having to do with Ancient & Biblical times. He sells rare books and magazines, but the real find is his "Research" page (bottom left) which has literally hundreds of links to interesting sites dealing with Ancient & Biblical times. Some of the links are categorized, you can find those by scrolling down, otherwise it's a potpourri of links to surf from, if this is a topic you find interesting.

Some other topics included are George Washington, Egyption Mysteries, Ancient & Early America, Astronomy, Lost Tribes Of Israel, Japan, the birth and bloodline of Jesus, Fraternal Orders, King Arthur... there's really too many to list.

Even though this is not really one of my areas of expertise or interest, I spent half a day clicking links from this page. Some of the links that are not categorized are not even named yet, they say "Click Here" so clicking them is kind of like getting a "Random Ancient World Site" --you never know what is going to open.

Glen Kimball is an interesting guy, there a kind-of Bio here, and much more at the link:

Lightstream Productions
..."Glenn Kimball- received his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University and is heard on many talk shows. You can also listen to Glenn's interviews on Coast to Coast, the X zone, The Quest and a variety of other programs. Glenn's appearances on Coast to Coast have all been best sellers! Glenn has published in the Ancient American Magazine and in the After Dark Magazine among others. The show with Hilly Rose was the highest rated show in Art Bell History. "The Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus" sold more books on as a result of a Coast to Coast radio show than any other author in their history. Glenn was the key note address speaker at the UFO conference in Nevada in 1999. He not only speaks on the history of Jesus and his associates, but King Arthur, archeology, Egyptology, Anthropology and Quantum Physics. He is also an author and lecturer on Extra-Biblical manuscripts..."
Ancient Manuscripts - -

Census 2000 Gateway

All the numbers have been in for over 5 years, all the reports are compiled, cross referenced, collated; statistics and relational databases are abundant. If you want information about the US population, anything, it's most likely here. There is so much information available that finding it is the challenge. I have provided this link because this is a very powerful source of information.

Frankly it's easier to do a site search than try to navigate to the right area by logic...
Census 2000 Gateway - Friday, August 26, 2005 -

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

You've probably seen this, if you've been on the Internet for long, it's hard to avoid it. It's still worth listing here because this woman is possessed. The site is enormous:

- More than 240,700 links!
- 234,200 categorized & cross-referenced links
- More than 150 categories
- Another 6,500+ new, uncategorized links in the works

She describes her site this way:

- A categorized & cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet.
- A list of links that point you to genealogical research sites online.
- A free jumping-off point for you to use in your online research.
- A "card catalog" to the genealogical collection in the immense library that is the Internet.
- Your genealogical research portal onto the Internet.

Gereral facts about the site:

- The main index page of Cyndi's List has more than 15,000 visitors each day.
- The entire Cyndi's List web site has more than 70,000 page hits each day (not counting hits to each of the graphics on the site).
- On average I add 1,500 new links, update/correct 600 links, and delete 300 non-working links each month.
- There are over 120 categories on the list, as well as individual pages for each US state and each Canadian province.
- The list began with 1,025 links all listed on one page. The list is now contained on more than 330 individual pages.
- I receive more than 200 e-mail messages each day and manage to get through about 100 the same day. A lot of the e-mail I receive contains questions that can be answered by reading these

I don't do genealogy questions, but if you do, or know someone that does, this would be an excellent resource.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - -

TerraFly - Virtually Fly Anywhere

Note, when you use TerraFly, the satellite map is zoomed in closer, much closer...

First, you must enable pop-ups for this site to work. Next, you enter an address in the text entry box on the link I provided. When the map window opens, if you have broadband, you can maximize the screen for your ultimate flying pleasure.

Before you start flying, note the options near the top left. Advanced and Layer and the other buttons. Try them out, see what they do. Remember, you're flying, check out your instrument panel lest you take a nose dive and crash. No fun! The other pop-up is another Control Panel, lucky you have two hands, this thing's a monster to fly!

To fly, all you have to do is click the screen and move the cursor away from the middle of the map, if you haven't done that already! The STOP button is near the top, it looks familar to you I'm sure. There's another screen that will pop-up and give you land data on any area you click on.

I'd give you an example of that page, but it shows my exact longitude and latitude, and has a green dot right where I live, down below is the name of my building, what schools kids go to around here, everything. It shows how many feet or miles you are from nearby addresses, demographics by the block --no kidding.

There used to be a pay version, might still be, that gave you sales prices of nearby homes that have sold recently, comparables, as you fly overhead. I checked, can't find the flyover prices anymore, but they are available in report that can be purchased. There's an experimental "Data Dispenser" page (click Reports near the top) --that had even more information available.

What is technology coming to? Soon, they'll be able to tell me when to go to the Dentist, simply from sitting in front of the monitor. Scary.
TerraFly - Virtually Fly Anywhere - -

Cheapest Gas in your City - Any US or Canadian City

This is a cool site. What makes it so cool? Thousands, maybe millions of people contribute to this site. Folks log in and post gasoline prices at specific gas stations in their city. I have tried about 20 cities in Washington State, every single one had a LOT of stations listed. The prices are current. I know for a fact where the cheapest gas is here, and by gosh, they had it listed as the cheapest place in North Seattle. Go ahead, try it, I bet you can drive down the street to the nearest gas station, note the price, drive home and look it up. It will be correct. Considering this site covers the entire US and I assume most of Canada, this is a real find.

I wonder what these people do all day? Don't they work, have lives? Oh... wait... Never mind.
Cheapest Gas in your City - Any US or Canadian City - - Maps - building by building views...

This really creeped me out, the first time I used this site. See that truck? It was mine about 3 months ago, in front of the bar where I used to work. It's a 1995 Isuzu, ugly spray painted wheels, broken front bumper, --I worked there and was inside when this was taken.

I didn't take that picture. Nor did any friend of mine. I found it at this web site.

What you do here is select a city, hopefully yours is listed so you can get creeped out too.

Next, notice the map starts in the downtown section. Put the cursor to the edge you need to go towards home, or any major street you live near. Keep going (whatever direction) till your section of the city is in the map. Click so that the focus is right where you want to look.

Next, look to the lower right, and start refining your search, picture by picture. I went for several miles with this thing, and it shows both sides of the street. I have no idea how far it goes but it is incredible.

If someone had told me I'd find a picture of my truck on the Internet, I'd have laughed.

I don't know if I like it or not, but it's one helluva tool. Don't ya think? Maps - building by building views... - -

Stumble Upon

When I need a break and want to be entertained, I use StumbleUpon to relax and unwind. I normally don't like to install toolbars (except for the Google Toolbar of course), but this is the exception.

You start by selecting categories of interest. From there, you click to get a random site. You tell StumbleUpon whether you like the site, or not, and it intuitively sends you more of what you like and less of what you nix.

I have found some incredibly interesting and fun sites doing this.

I would like to credit another Google Answers Researcher for passing this along, but I don't remember which one posted it first (sorry), in any event --I've been amused and entertained for weeks now.
Stumble Upon - -

Iraqi Coalition Casualities

In honor of our fallen troops in Iraq, I am posting this site which tracks every soldier that has died as a result of the War on Iraq. At first glance it looks cold, but click on each month to go to a detailed listing including date, name & rank, place and cause of death.

When I clicked to refresh my mind as to what to type here, I was confronted with this:

..." NAME NOT RELEASED YET - Baghdad (western part) Hostile - hostile fire..." --obviously his family had not been notified. It's heartwrenching to look at. This is so very sad.

Here's pictures of the US Soldiers to make it even more personal:

"To Never Forget: Faces of the Fallen" - Exhibit
..."What started as a local art project is bringing tearful responses from across America. In College of Marin’s new “To Never Forget: Faces of the Fallen” exhibit, art students and faculty have painted portraits of each American soldier who has died in Iraq – more than 1200 – each a 5x7 face staring straight into the eyes of the viewer......College of Marin art instructor Chester Arnold created the project after reading a newspaper story when the U.S. death toll in Iraq reached 1,000. He did not anticipate completing all of the portraits -- but the project proved so emotionally-compelling for the artists that they couldn't rest until they had painted them all..."

Also, here's the page which tracks Iraqi civilians that have died as a result of the war. No names here, the information is not as reliable or as current, but I want to include them too:

Reported civilian deaths resulting from the US-led military intervention in Iraq

I got a little carried away with this link, but I bet the families and loved ones of all the lost lives wouldn't think so.
Iraqi Coalition Casualities - -

History of the Universe

I like this site because it lists all major events in order on one page, and all time periods are all linked to more information. If you want to know what happened first, next, or later, and get an in depth accounting of any time period in history (or future possibilities!), this is the place to start.

Starting 15 billion years ago, to where we are today, going towards future possibilities --as many years forward. I read the past, and see the present in the timeline, and poke around in the future --and can only ponder the concepts.

..."This site tells the story of the history of the universe.....a time line of all the main events in the history of the Universe..."
History of the Universe - -

DOD 101 -- An Introduction to the Military

The Federation of Scientists - Military Analysis Network... All things Military:

* US Military Aircraft
* US Navy Ships
* US Land Warfare Systems
* US Missiles
* US Smart Weapons
* US Dumb Bombs
* US Aircraft Equipment
* US Naval Equipment
* Defense Contractor Directory
* e-prints
* Budget Documents
* Congressional Material
* General Accounting Office Reports
* Congressional Research Service Reports
* Military Contracts

There's a lot more here. If you want detailed information about Military assets, documents, contracts, anything, just short of what the American public is allowed to digest, this is the stop.

Also check out:

Military Reference Desk
Welcome to Military World's Reference Desk. In this area you will find valuable information about all branches of the Military such as Military Installations, POW / MIA search engines, Military Reunions, Military Libraries and much more.
DOD 101 -- An Introduction to the Military - -

Locate a Federal Depository Library

This has come in handy more than once. Their explanation is much better than what I could say:

..."Federal publications and other information products are made available for free public use in Federal depository libraries throughout the United States. In addition to the publications, trained librarians are available to assist in their use.....For more than 140 years, The Government Printing Office (GPO) has kept America informed by producing and distributing Federal government information products. GPO combines conventional technology with state-of-the-art methods whether providing public access to Government information online, or producing or procuring printed publications that serve the information needs of the U.S. Congress, Federal agencies and the American public."
Locate a Federal Depository Library - -

New York Public Library Digital Gallery

I have never found a database of digital photography that is as diverse and easy to browse. Every time I come here looking for an image, I lose track of time. I have spent many hours here and I'm certain I have barely scratched the surface.

Here's what they say:

..."NYPL Digital Gallery provides access to over 337,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more..."
New York Public Library Digital Gallery - -

Search Copyright Records: Registrations and Documents

This is a direct link to the US Copyright Office's new experimental search page. I've used this page, it's a lot easier to find things with this. Here's what they say about it:

..."Search copyright information by selecting one of the three databases below, which contain records of registrations and ownership documents since 1978.....This is an alternative, experimental search method for short, simple searches and occasional users. You may also still use the traditional LOCIS system. All systems are unavailable 5:00 p.m. Saturday to 12:00 noon Sunday (U.S. eastern time)..."

Also, in October they will have a new search system called "eCO Search."
Search Copyright Records: Registrations and Documents - -

Jimmy, Where are you?

Jim StevensI need to interrupt the flow of links with a personal tribute to a friend. A sad thing happened awhile back in my neighborhood. I had a friend --Jim Stevens, he was ran over by a truck, someone that knew him was driving, he died at the scene.

This link is to a band page. I know the two guys in the middle. The big guy is Jesse, the one with dreadlocks is Abdulah. Jesse is a great guy, a fantastic musician, and he teaches music to children. I have nothing good to say about Abdulah so I'll just shut up.

~~I was bartending at Jim's favorite bar at the time this happened. The bar where I used to work has live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Shortly after Jim was killed, we had a wake for Jim at the bar.

Jesse was sitting at his keyboard after Jim's funeral service, I was working, we were all upset. I had known Jim for 13 years. --Something incredible happened. Jesse writes music, has some pretty good tunes out, and he just started playing. He started singing, and this wonderful melody came out. It came from his heart, deep in his soul. I still cry every time I hear the song.

The song is at the link above Jim's picture. I'd appreciate it if you'd listen to it.

It's called Jimmy, Where are you?

If you'd like to read the article about Jim's death, and see the inside of the bar where I worked, click the link below. I was upset by the first newspaper article that described Jim as "a Shoreline Man." I emailed the Seattle PI and told them that "That Shoreline Man" has a name, and a lot of people care about him. I just happened to mention we were having a wake the next day.

The newspaper showed up at his wake, took pictures and did a great article. It was a comfort to his wife, and made me feel like they cared our friend died.

Here's the article in the Seattle PI: Man run over by truck is remembered as generous, gregarious

Please listen to the song --in Jim's honor. And Jesse, if you ever see this post, THANK YOU for writing the song.

~~And Thanks to Everyone, for reading this post.

I may want to find this link later (hopefully, the man that ran him over is charged with vehicular manslaughter)
Adult Sentencing Manual 2004
Jimmy, Where are you? - -

The Holy See - Vatican Document Archive

This is a holding link to remind me to re-find an early 60's document which is inside this site --to link here.

The link I'm going to post is a document that details the Catholic Church's policy regarding Priests that molest children, mainly boys. I read it in full, it's a disgrace to organized religion. It plainly states that the authorities will not be called, that if necessary the priest will be moved to a different location, and that if necessary, that all means necessary to keep the secret will be taken, including excommunicating the family if they tell anyone...

You'd be surprised what's in here, poke around.

When I post it, don't even try to tell me it's fake. The link is inside this site, I just bookmarked the front page of the Archive by mistake.

I guess anything is better than going to hell. I thought sacrificing children stopped centuries ago.
The Holy See - Vatican Document Archive - -

Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington State

This site is chock full of information about Washington State and it's government.

..."MRSC's Web site is one of the most comprehensive local government sites in the United States. This site can be used to search the Revised Code of Washington, Washington Administrative Code, municipal and county codes, and other information relevant to local governments. Information is available to all citizens with web access. More than 175,000 users a month currently visit our site..."

If you can't tell by now, I'm a Washingtonian.
Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington State - -

Tax Assessor Database - All States & Counties

I checked several states and counties, and this database is nearly complete. When you need to look up real property information outside your own state (or are answering a question at Google Answers) this is very handy. It saves you from having to navigate a strange state or county web site to find the Assessor's page.

They also have a link to this:

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)- The New U.S. and Territories Query
Here's what they say: The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), developed by the USGS in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN), contains information for almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States and its territories. The Federally recognized name of each feature described in the data base is identified, and references are made to a feature's location by State, county, and geographic coordinates. The GNIS is our Nation's official repository of domestic geographic names information..."

Sounds official.
Tax Assessor Database - All States & Counties - -

Free Classic Audio Books - Digital Narration for the 21st Century

This is the beginning of a great concept, I hope they continue. Free Audio Books, narrated digitally. I listened to part of one while searching for something else, and for not being human, the quality is good. I have never seen Audio Books online for free before and decided to include it here in case you haven't either.
Free Classic Audio Books - Digital Narration for the 21st Century - -

Guide to Resources in Business & Industry

This is a handy database, when you need it. Here's what their introduction page says:

..."There are over 60 million individual businesses in the world, and 25 million businesses - including 2 million farms - in the United States. About 7 million companies are organized and chartered as corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs), the rest being proprietorships and partnerships. There are also around 1 million IRS-recognized non-profit organizations. A very small percentage of the corporations (and a very few large propiertorships and partnerships) are large enough to afford pubicity and advertising, and warrant the attention of national business, trade, or general publications, or otherwise enter the world of public knowledge..."

This is one of those links that if you don't save, you'll never find it again.
Guide to Resources in Business & Industry - -

How To Fold A Shirt

This falls under the category of ...Now I've Seen Everything.

Go get a T-Shirt. Go ahead, this is incredible. This is a one-step method to fold shirts, that's right, ONE STEP.

It's a short 10-15 second video that shows you exactly how to do it. I've tried it, and knowing how to do this has already won me a couple bar bets, read: drinks.

The narration is in an Asian language, not sure which, but you don't really need it to see how to fold the shirt.

By the way, my favorite drink is a Smith & Wesson.
How To Fold A Shirt - -

IRS - Seized Real & Personal Property Sales

The IRS used to maintain a mailing list to announce upcoming sales nationwide, but no more. Now, you need this link to keep up to date on what they are selling and where.
IRS - Seized Real & Personal Property Sales - -

National Sex Offenders News

Been wondering what the latest laws regarding sex crimes are? Probably not, but this site monitors and reports newsworthy [sex crime] law changes nationwide. This site will open your eyes about the realities of sex crimes, victims rights (or lack of them), and the judicial system as relates to these crimes in different locals. There are huge archives, forums, and more. The thing I found so appalling is that Americans don't have the same protections from state to state.

Our site's purpose is to provide information and resources for all types of people to become more educated about sex crimes, sex offenders and related topics. In addition, our forums and private messaging allow users to share their experiences, ask questions, get advice, receive support and discuss and debate related topics..."

Scary topic, but it's better to be informed than ignorant.
National Sex Offenders News - -

Financial Calculators Galore

At last count there were 47 financial calculators on this page. Catagorized by use, the descriptions make it easy to select the one you need. Bookmark this link if you think you might need it later!
Financial Calculators Galore - -

US Skyscraper Information

If you have TALL buildings in your city, this is where you go to get all the information about them. Skyscraper Page has everything you ever wanted to know about tall buildings in the US.

Nationwide they have information on: 35070 structures, 21595 drawings, 2577 cities, 42390 photos. Check out your city, or click below to check out Seattle's skyscrapers --all lined up horizontally for comparison:

Seattle Skyscrapers
US Skyscraper Information - -

What 10 years of Meth Use does to a person - image

This is a horrid image.

Save this and show it to your kids if you suspect they are using hard drugs.

Makes me shiver to think about it.

I saw another image similar to this,
...if I can find it again I'll post the link to it here.
What 10 years of Meth Use does to a person - image - -

Toxicology Drug Testing Tid Bits

This is an interesting document created by a drug testing lab that shows what some common substances do to affect drug testing results. I'm not suggesting you use this information, I simply find it fascinating that the information is posted by a lab, and is so easily available online.
Toxicology Drug Testing Tid Bits - -

No Scalpel Vasectomy (caution, graphic pics)

Everytime I run into something like this, I say to myself, geez, now I've seen it all, but sooner or later, I find something else that's over-the-top, strange and weird. If you have a weak stomach, or really don't want to be confronted right away with a graphic picture of the male scrotum, then don't click.

If you're a man looking for an unusual vasectomy procedure, this is for you.

So, until next time, again, now I've seen it all.
No Scalpel Vasectomy (caution, graphic pics) - -

The Black Vault

The Black Vault is a site which houses nearly 30,000 FOIA documents. It was started several years ago by a then teen who wrote to the US Government about some FOIA docs he wanted. He got the idea to post them online to save others from having to duplicate his efforts. Now, he has won over 76 awards, has over 10,000 archived news articles, and over 14,000 photographs of military aircraft, UFOs, JFK Assassination material, and much more. The Black Vault has been referenced as one of the largest technological achievements on the Internet!

I have spent hours on this site, it's incredible what's in here. If you click the link, be prepared to deal with some "missing time."
The Black Vault - Thursday, August 25, 2005 -

Archival Research Catalog (ARC)

I haven't gone too deep into this link yet, but it looks fascinating. If you check it out, please comment.

..."The Archival Research Catalog (ARC) is the online catalog of NARA's nationwide holdings in the Washington, DC area, Regional Archives and Presidential Libraries.

ARC allows you to perform a keyword, digitized image and location search. ARC's advanced functions also allow you to search by organization, person, or topic..."

Archival Research Catalog (ARC) - -

NNDB - Tracking the entire world

Cool site where you can look up famous people and see their connections with other people in the news.

..."NNDB is an intelligence aggregator that tracks the activities of people we have determined to be noteworthy, both living and dead. Superficially, it seems much like a "Who's Who" where a noted person's curriculum vitae is available (the usual information such as date of birth, a biography, and other essential facts.)

But it mostly exists to document the connections between people, many of which are not always obvious. A person's otherwise inexplicable behavior is often understood by examining the crowd that person has been hanging out with..."

Look up your most hated or loved celebrity and see what you come up with.

NNDB - Tracking the entire world - -

The Memory Hole

Ever get a controversial or unusual government link from someone, only to have it disappear after a few hours or days? This is a huge archive of the unusual and arcane. Things that have been posted elsewhere and then removed. Web pages from government that have been changed or removed, ..files, pictures, movies of things you thought had disappeared.

Check it out. Their motto says: ..."rescuing knowledge, freeing information..."

Remember those pictures of the Troops Caskets on the plane, the photographer got fired for releasing them to the media... each casket draped by a beautifully folded American Flag? They're ALL here, 361 of them. Many unusual things to explore here, I got lost for hours. If you like this web site, you'll also like The Black Vault a couple posts away.
The Memory Hole - -

Locating Unclaimed Property: A Systematic Approach

There's tons of resources in this step-by-step guide on how to find unclaimed funds --or people.
Locating Unclaimed Property: A Systematic Approach - -

Genealogical Research using FBI Files

The FBI has tons of files on everyday Americans. They also don't mind folks writing and asking for information for genealogical purposes. This is a step-by-step guide on how to get results from the FBI.
Genealogical Research using FBI Files - -

"I Feel So Good" - Shawna's Video

A very good friend of mine is in this video. I'm posting it here because Shawna is in it, it was made many years ago, the video won some kind of an award in Canada, and I want to be able to find the link later.

Nope, I won't tell you which girl she is. hehe.
"I Feel So Good" - Shawna's Video - -

Use Google to Find Free MP3's and more...

This post at a tech web site explains how to find music files using Google.

..."People leave music files in unprotected directories all of the time. Here's how to get to them..."

I tried this, it works.
Use Google to Find Free MP3's and more... - -

George Bush's Resume - annotated

Caution: Political Link ...I guess it's too late for THAT warning.

..."My name is George Bush and I'm running for President. Please consider my qualifications as set forth in the following resume..."

I'd like to say this is satire, perhaps it is, but someone has carefully researched GWB's life and linked to documentation for all the important events in his life.

What the heck is he doing in office? Never mind. I don't want to start anything here.

Click on the text link above the image to read the scoop, and click on the image itself to get a better view.
George Bush's Resume - annotated - -

Online Image Converter

Not much to say here, except that this is very simple to use. Browse for an image on your hard drive, and select the output file type you want. Cool.
Online Image Converter - -

Space Needle Cam

The web cam will automatically open a couple seconds after you click the link.

Seattle has a bad rap folks, there is not nearly as much rain as people think, but it is overcast a bit too much. The rain that we do have keeps everything very green. There's 7 major hills, no flat landscape here. We have a diverse culture, lakes and streams everywhere --even inside the city limits, and people are friendly. Did I mention the coffee is heavenly?

..."Climb to 605 feet and experience Seattle in real time. Tempermental. Sunny. Under the weather. Placid. Stormy or calm. Check back in 5 minutes. It all may have changed..."

No kidding.
Space Needle Cam - -

Islamic rules concerning use of the lavatory

Evidently, use of the lavatory in Islamic countries is not a simple matter. I promised interesting and unusual web sites, and this is one. Sheesh, they need a manual just to walk in a lavatory!
Islamic rules concerning use of the lavatory - -

Simple & Secure Remote PC Access is the only way to easily access a remote computer. Getting remote access to your computer is this easy:

1) Log in to "" (register first of course)
2) Log in to your computer.

Your computer must be turned on. You must have previously installed the LogMeIn application on your target computer, and it must be online.

Here's what they say:

Remote Control
Fully control the mouse and keyboard of any remote PC from a web browser.

File Manager
Securely access, transfer and backup important files and folders.

Guest Invite
Allow friends and colleagues to temporarily view or control your PC.

File Share
Easily share files - even those that are too large for email.

Remote-to-Local Printing
Print remote documents on your local printer.

Multi-Layered Security
128- to 256-bit encryption protects your passwords and data.

Secondary User Accounts
Provide additional users with long-term access to your PC, with their own password.

Host Screen Blanking
Blanks the remote screen to prevent unauthorized viewing of your session.

There is a free version with limited capabilities, but it's still 100% remote control, you just lose some of the above features. You can try the Pro version for 2 hours before your Pro account reverts to the free version. With the Pro version, you can print on the local computer and much more.

If you have a need to access your computer while away from it, I highly recommend this company.

How's their customer service?
This is true, it happened to me. When I originally set it up on 2 computers --my brothers and mine, I had a speck of trouble on the 2nd computer. I called their customer service number at 10pm on Saturday night. No surprise when I discovered I had to wait till Monday. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from LogMeIn on Sunday morning at 10:30am. The very nice tech named Gail W. explained to me that it is their policy to exceed customer service expectations. LogMeIn noted via caller ID that I had called and left no message, so she was calling to ask if I would like some help with the product.

If that doesn't speak to their outstanding customer service, nothing does. And this was before I purchased the product. Imagine that. I was dumbfounded, ...and logging into the 2nd computer by 11am.
Simple & Secure Remote PC Access - -

Online Satellite Imagery Tool

FLASH EARTH - This is an incredible tool I recently discovered at a Researcher Forum. Flash Earth uses online satellite imagery from Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth without permission, and so should be used for educational purposes only.

I was able to zoom in --to see the roof of my house quite easily. I can't read a newspaper on the ground with it, but this site makes it evident that the technology is coming.
Online Satellite Imagery Tool - -

Mission Statement...

I'm a Google Answers Researcher that has been answering questions at Google Answers since June of 2002... I run into so many interesting web sites and reference links, I decided to "go live" with some of the cool and unusual places I uncover while researching questions.

I hope to entertain you, as well as provide a place to share these links with the world. For the first few days, I'll be dumping some of my large bookmark collection, after that my pace will probably slow down to a few posts a week.

Disclaimer: This Blog is not part of, or Google Answers, I am an Independent Contractor and not an employee of Google. Google does not endorse these links, or this Blog.

Enjoy! and remember: ..."When you're searching for information, Google Answers..."

..."Some people ask their god for answers to their spiritual questions. For everything else, there is Google..." ~~~rpcxdr-ga

Google Answers Researcher


PS: ...YES, that messed up Google Logo just below here and to the right --bugs me too! I tried modifying the code but I think it needs an archive page to work correctly. Also, all my image tags say border="0" --so I have no idea what's up.

I'm focused on getting these links posted. I'll tinker with it again, later.

Mission Statement... - -

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