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A long time ago in computer time (1998), I was too broke to get my computer fixed. When I finally did get enough money, I realized I had nearly enough to buy a second computer. So I waited a couple more weeks, maybe a month, and bought a second tower through the newspaper. It came with a monitor, keyboard, all that. I set it up and got back online. Then, I started trying to figure out how to fix my old broken one.

In no time at all, really, it was less than a week, my old computer was as good as new. Then my husband and I both had computers. ALL for FREE! --except the cost of the computer, which would have been a repair.

You'll want to poke around at VirtualDr and find out where you should be looking. If you want, you can describe your computer problem, and I'll point you to the right section of VirtualDr.

What happens at VirtualDr at first is --you register. You can then either search the site for a similar problem that you're having, or START A NEW THREAD! Then, folks will help you step by step. It doesn't matter how new you are, these folks are patient and kind. If you don't understand them, you can tell them and they will use smaller words and break it down into smaller steps.

I have received an incredible amount of help there. What ended up happening was I fixed the other computer with their help. In fact, I have NEVER taken a computer to a shop, ever again!

I simply can't speak high enough about the good work these volunteers do. When you start praising them, they urge you to start scanning questions to see if you can help anyone. So, I did that and now I help others on the site where I first learned how to troubleshoot and repair my own computer.

It's sectioned off by operating system. If you are having another type of problem, say networking or hardware problem, there's sections for that too.

Be sure to check them out! - Discussion Boards - Monday, January 02, 2006 - links to this post

5:31 AM

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