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Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones

Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones Unbelievable as it seems, the spy phones are here, well, in France, but coming soon to a store near you.


..."If you want to eavesdrop on conversations taking place when you are not there, simply 'forget' to bring your Nokia mobile phone and leave it where you want to spy. Once out of the area, call your handset from any other phone. It will activate itself and voila, you can now conveniently listen to any conversation being made in the vicinity of the spy phone. It’s handy in the office if you want to know what’s REALLY going on about this or that deal. And of course, this gadget is a veritable must have for anyone who wants to spy on a (rumored) philandering partner..."

I wonder what this will do to the divorce rate?
Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones - Sunday, September 04, 2005 - links to this post

4:07 PM

Hi there. This isn't a comment specifically aboutu the spy phones as it is a general comment.

I just came across your site as it was 'linked' to mine via a referral showing on sitemeter. I've just had a browse and just know that I'll be coming back again.

I love your links!    

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