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Zeno's Forensic Science Forum

This is different, for sure. We've all been to forums. How about a Forensic Forum as Zeno calls it: ..."Forensic Science, Medicine and Psychology forum...", where forensic scientists pick each others brains? I bet you haven't seen this. The board is not really active, but there are posts nearly every day. Because it's not a hoppin' place, I changed the view for you. One years worth of topics in four pages or so.

I looked at it today, there was a guy that had links to a couple pics --he wanted help determining if they were human. This is the stuff CSI is made of. Please, don't disturb these people, I enjoy being a forensic voyuer and don't want them to password access to view.
Zeno's Forensic Science Forum - Sunday, August 28, 2005 - links to this post

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