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TerraFly - Virtually Fly Anywhere

Note, when you use TerraFly, the satellite map is zoomed in closer, much closer...

First, you must enable pop-ups for this site to work. Next, you enter an address in the text entry box on the link I provided. When the map window opens, if you have broadband, you can maximize the screen for your ultimate flying pleasure.

Before you start flying, note the options near the top left. Advanced and Layer and the other buttons. Try them out, see what they do. Remember, you're flying, check out your instrument panel lest you take a nose dive and crash. No fun! The other pop-up is another Control Panel, lucky you have two hands, this thing's a monster to fly!

To fly, all you have to do is click the screen and move the cursor away from the middle of the map, if you haven't done that already! The STOP button is near the top, it looks familar to you I'm sure. There's another screen that will pop-up and give you land data on any area you click on.

I'd give you an example of that page, but it shows my exact longitude and latitude, and has a green dot right where I live, down below is the name of my building, what schools kids go to around here, everything. It shows how many feet or miles you are from nearby addresses, demographics by the block --no kidding.

There used to be a pay version, might still be, that gave you sales prices of nearby homes that have sold recently, comparables, as you fly overhead. I checked, can't find the flyover prices anymore, but they are available in report that can be purchased. There's an experimental "Data Dispenser" page (click Reports near the top) --that had even more information available.

What is technology coming to? Soon, they'll be able to tell me when to go to the Dentist, simply from sitting in front of the monitor. Scary.
TerraFly - Virtually Fly Anywhere - Friday, August 26, 2005 - links to this post

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