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Online Web Page Generator - cut and paste resulting html

This is really unusual. Everyone has seen free hosts with the WYSIWYG templates like Angelfire et all. This is a different breed. Try it out for fun, even if you have a web site, this is cool. If you know someone that wants a little something different and knows nothing about html but doesn't like the simple templates of a free host, pass it along.

Open the link in a new window/tab so you can follow along with my instructions.

You should be at the page that has tan on the sides, and some buttons in an orange navigation bar with buttons, white center.

The focus is on "BACKGROUND" in the center area. Below that you see:

COLOR-------------(drop menu)
TYPE--------------(drop menu)
IMAGE-------------(drop menu)

Start with "COLOR" in the drop menu, select something different. Each choice will reload the web page you are looking at to reflect changes. When you find something you like, stop and go to "TYPE" below. Select a Texture for your Color by trying out several of the choices. Again, each choice will reload the page to reflect changes. When you're happy, go to "IMAGE" and do the same thing.

Next, under Background is "BUTTONS" --click that. "Background" closes and Buttons opens, now the focus is on Buttons with new choices:

SIZE-------------(drop menu)
COLOR------------(drop menu)
IMAGE------------(drop menu)
SAMPLES----------(drop menu)

Do the same in Buttons that you did in Background, use the drop menus to select what you want and wait for the page to reload after each choice to see the changes.

Next is "DIVIDERS" --I bet you're getting the hang of this now.

COLOR------------(drop menu)
IMAGE------------(drop menu)

PAGE SIZE--------(drop menu)
ALIGNMENT--------(drop menu)
TABLE COLOR------(drop menu)
MENU COLOR-------(drop menu)
MAIN COLOR-------(drop menu)

When you're done, disable your popup blocker for a minute so you can see the final result. Click the button: SHOW ME THE HTML CODE AND GRAPHICS. A popup opens with your chosen graphics which you would then save to your hard drive. Scroll below the graphics in the popup to see the html code you created. Copy and paste it into notepad, whatever you want.

Lastly, you can customize the graphics and HTML. For instance, you can add text to your blank buttons (link below, another cool site).

Hey, even if you don't like the choices offered, you can always substitute the graphics and such for your own choices, at least the HTML is done, tables and all! The tables can also easily be modified, as well as anything there.

To add text to graphics I have always used my Imager
..." is your own free everything online image editor! Upload or call images from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the the dozens of tools and filters that we offer! This is a 100% free service, offered by the great people at Cool Archive..."

Also, since I'm posting online tools, at the front page of EchoEcho there's a nifty 3D Text Heading Creator. The results are very professional.

The reason I'm including this Web Page Generator here is because there is so many options and possible results. I used it several years ago, and I didn't like the graphics. They were very easy to switch out and rename. EchoEcho says you can create over 2,000 different pages using this online tool.
Online Web Page Generator - cut and paste resulting html - Saturday, August 27, 2005 - links to this post

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