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Mission Statement...

I'm a Google Answers Researcher that has been answering questions at Google Answers since June of 2002... I run into so many interesting web sites and reference links, I decided to "go live" with some of the cool and unusual places I uncover while researching questions.

I hope to entertain you, as well as provide a place to share these links with the world. For the first few days, I'll be dumping some of my large bookmark collection, after that my pace will probably slow down to a few posts a week.

Disclaimer: This Blog is not part of, or Google Answers, I am an Independent Contractor and not an employee of Google. Google does not endorse these links, or this Blog.

Enjoy! and remember: ..."When you're searching for information, Google Answers..."

..."Some people ask their god for answers to their spiritual questions. For everything else, there is Google..." ~~~rpcxdr-ga

Google Answers Researcher


PS: ...YES, that messed up Google Logo just below here and to the right --bugs me too! I tried modifying the code but I think it needs an archive page to work correctly. Also, all my image tags say border="0" --so I have no idea what's up.

I'm focused on getting these links posted. I'll tinker with it again, later.

Mission Statement... - Thursday, August 25, 2005 - links to this post

11:18 PM

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3:30 AM

Thanks you. Very good post.Unless they can offer a really compelling reason for users to come back, it will be the next Bebo, MySpace    

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