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The Memory Hole

Ever get a controversial or unusual government link from someone, only to have it disappear after a few hours or days? This is a huge archive of the unusual and arcane. Things that have been posted elsewhere and then removed. Web pages from government that have been changed or removed, ..files, pictures, movies of things you thought had disappeared.

Check it out. Their motto says: ..."rescuing knowledge, freeing information..."

Remember those pictures of the Troops Caskets on the plane, the photographer got fired for releasing them to the media... each casket draped by a beautifully folded American Flag? They're ALL here, 361 of them. Many unusual things to explore here, I got lost for hours. If you like this web site, you'll also like The Black Vault a couple posts away.
The Memory Hole - Thursday, August 25, 2005 - links to this post

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