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Looking for Friends of KnowPost has been closed since sometime in early 2000. The link goes to an old web site called "KnowPost Friends" that I made several years ago when I was afraid the site would go down. I'm glad I did, because it's gone now. I'm posting this in the hopes my old KnowPost Friends can find me, and I, them. As I find folks, I plan on updating this post with links to where we can find each other.

I loved KnowPost, as did all the regulars. It was, at the time, the Premier Q&A site on the Internet, but Google Answers has changed all that. At that time, KnowPost got press, and it had over 15,000 members. Like Google Answers, KnowPosters were rated on their answers. The difference is, the questions are a lot more difficult, and now I get paid. If it wasn't for answering questions at KnowPost, I don't think I would have been accepted as a Google Answers Researcher. I answered thousands of questions at KnowPost, --that gave me the skills to become the expert searcher I am today.

I have fond memories of the people that hung out there. So many people, I wonder where they all are!

First, get nostalgic! Look up KnowPost in the WayBackMachine

Here's what I know so far. Each of the links below is frequented by a few old KnowPosters:

GreyEyes - Unladylike Evildoers Club

Gossy - CereScape (formerly BrainFuse)

Dilbert - Ask-It-Here


There's still the KnowPost Friends Yahoo Page --would someone please log in there and post a link to this blog post there? You can use the comments link as a permalink.

And here's a link to my KnowPost Friends Site

Below are individual sites where you can find old KnowPosters

Tara has a blog:

SpudPotatoHead's got two places:
thespud Live Journal
Spud's Travels

Apollo has a neat page here. Great song, btw...

completelynaked has it going on with WHQuestion Chat
Here's the Contact Page there.

BenJ2 Personal Home Page Julian Cheah's Homepage

witty1 is here: Witty 1 Productions, Inc."

kyle9182 is still around: Kyle's Page"

Wisteria is here: Wisteria's Yahoo Profile

I think this belongs to meadow because someone named meadow signed braino's guest book, however, she says her Live Journal is members only. I found meadow here. And meadow, no, I don't have anything better to do than click on a web page that is hopelessly out of date!

Braino's page is down, but promises to be back up sometime.

Kilnamer is still around with the Spirit of Inspiration

Remember Packhawk?

Kileana is still learning how to build web pages

bigbrother's Yahoo Profile

The leftovers of whatevillurks page.

Tiarra is still here: Kelli 101

Remember Swords drawings? You can find them here.

Here's the Lizard Family Home Page

Tehuti is still writing!
Tehuti's Per on the Web
Manitou Island
The Radioactive Playground

I wonder if they ever caught who killed hippie?

yates is connected with this page.

I bet this is obbop: Right Reverend Obbop.

This is deox.

Vicnice is still in school.

Please comment if you are a KnowPoster, or know any of the old KnowPost gang so I can update with the information.
Looking for Friends of KnowPost - Saturday, August 27, 2005 - links to this post

4:17 AM

Cyndy.. you mentioned Peter on CS... I tried like mad to find him a couple of years ago.. but no luck..
does he have a site or contact info that he is willing to share?

you certainly do work fast !
this google job sounds made to order for you.... !    

4:39 PM

Greetings Earth creatures.

The Right Reverend Obbop, nudged by a tinge of curiosity, performed a few different types of Web searching.

This itty bitty spot on the Web was one discovery. Also found a blog-type thingy where a few Cerescapers (ex BrainFuse) hang out.

Yer Right Rev abandoned general discussion sites. Wearied of the political correctness infesting those types of sites.

Nowadays, the Rev peeks into specialized sites such as a message board devoted to engine lubrication.

The KnowPost days were fun and so was one of its offshoots... CereScape nee BrainFuse.... until the PC and warm fuzzy feel-good crowd overwhelmed the place.

If anyone ever runs into the Scrooge... the old poster with the scrawny cat.... tell him the Rev says his cat is still scrawny and likely as ugly as ever.


11:25 PM

Hey ya... lilangel here, only not so much an angel anymore *grin* God I miss knowpost! But now we have myspace forums... all of the fun and none of the sleep :) still no ratings on our answers... Hmmmm

Anyways Hi all... I'm over at

Come say hi!    

7:54 AM

I stumbled across this page quite by accident, but just for the sake of posterity, decided to post my 2 cents worth. Hate to disappoint anyone, but anyman is still alive and kicking and enjoying life in Georgia with his wonderful co-Knowpost about what - 7 years after KP? Yes, online romances CAN work out! Neither of us bother with discussion sites anymore and haven't for is far more pleasant that way! Hope all is well with everyone, and just to remind you what a nice guy I always was, "burn, baby burn!" :0)    

5:35 AM

Hi Cyndy!!

I found this site by accident but I was ecstatic to find out that I was mentioned!!
Yes, that is definitely my blog on LiveJournal. If there are any other LiveJournal users out there, comment and add by all means!!

I did need to let you know though that the SpudPotatoHead's Travel site is not mine. In fact, I believe that site has been around long before I chose the name TheSpud.

I had to mention that because I'd hate to think that people would think that I am responsible for such a kickass website.

See you all around!

1:29 PM


1:30 PM



11:08 AM

I was "Greed". I had forgotten about knowpost for a while. Figured I'd check it out and see if it was still around so I could read my old posts from nearly 10 years ago.

Ah well.    

8:09 PM

Wow.. KnowPost.. now that's a memory..
I was Tess.. my mother was a frequesnter.. I think her name was CollDoll..?    

3:23 AM

I was on Knowpost for quite a few years. was vangar on there...    

8:42 AM

Kileana here. :) I was one of the peeps that followed Dilbert to AIH and was there for a short while. I've since rejoined but don't really participate too much. There is just no replacing Knowpost.

I did finally master web design and spent the last 3 years developing sites for various groups and gaming leagues. It was great fun at first but I'm ready to move on to something new. Too much of a good thing, ya know.

Now days I'm just a borring stay at home Mom and I have to admit, I enjoy it very much.

Thanks for the chance to catch up with other Knowposters, Cyndy! You take care now.

-Nikki (Kileana)    

3:02 AM

I still think of KP quite often. Was a bit of a home for me for quite awhile. Thank you for your KnowPost Friends site. I had written something creatively awhile back just before KP stood up. Posted it on the site in answer to a question, and later, quite regretfully, lost my only hardcopy. When the site went down, I thought I had lost my creation forever. I just discovered that you have had it archived on your site. Thank you, and fond memories. -Dhali 04 July 2007    

10:44 PM

So, KnowPost has been kaput for 8 or so years now??????!!!!!!!

The Web has evolved and so have many of the users, especially the "oldsters" with experience wandering the Web.

Never did discover what happened to Scrooge and his mangey cat.

And, sadly, at a multitude of Web sites, I see that political correctness and implanted indoctrination devoid of rational thought has increased.


The reason I departed CereScape and other give-and-take communicative Web sites.

Sadly, the brainwashed are unaware that others have implanted knee-jerk rhetoric into their feeble minds!!!!

Oh well. Those brainwashed droids will pay the price some day when the slave's chains they deserve descend upon them and their betters assume total control.    

4:35 PM

Several of the surviving Unladylike Evildoers are now resident at They have abandoned the UEC name and merged in with our general membership because their site went down in flames of un-glory in the summer of 2007. nBF also is the lurking grounds for several homeless people that left AIH, and CereScape (the former BrainFuse). We have the room for a reunion, of only the word can get around. ~Yogi    

12:42 AM

Hi Cyndy! Know post and my posts there are forgotten by all it seems- i have a webpage of my comics now its:

Come by to visit!    

8:18 PM

Cindy, Stumbled across this quite by accident. Found an article awhile back about hippie. They convicted his cousin of his murder. I don't think they ever really knew why.
You can find me at FaceBook under my real name - Michael Pahel Wayne.    

12:03 PM

Looks like I'm 5 years late to the game, but kyle9182 is known more commonly around the Internet as "kthejoker", and you can find me anywhere and everywhere under that name.

What an awesome site KP was. It got me my first job! Glad to see everyone is doing well.    

7:44 PM


The Right Reverend Obbop also known as the Disgruntled Old Coot has somehow evaded death's relentless seeking of new adherents but old age and increasing decrepitness is obvious as I huddle within my hovel atop the Ozark Plateau.

All the best to all the KnowPosters of yore.

I remain baffled and befuddled but remain happy in that mind-state.    

5:39 PM

I still miss KP. I was Firebug there, and while I've found other homes online since, it was my first. :) I'm blogging at these days, and hoping you all are well.    

8:08 PM

Hello Herd. KnowPost was unique. A consortium unlikely to never be repeated; what with the incredible growth of the Web and the HUGE multitude of available sites. As the memories of that brief period fade thoughts go back once in awhile.

Onwrd through the fog........    

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