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JARS - The #1 Java Review Service

I've been visiting for years. People submit their new java applications here for people to try them and get rated by the site. This is where I found Motif Backgammon, the link under this. These applications are so new, you get to see what coders are doing NOW. Some things that start off as free here, end up costing a pretty penny, so if you find something cool here, grab it while it's free. Submissions are rated in popularity: Top 1%, Top 5%, and Top 25%. Under the Ratings section the apps are categorized by category in case you want to browse a particular type of app. They have links to other sites, developers corner, resources --not only for java, other programming languages as well. I like the section called "New Submissions," some of the stuff people submit is incredible, be sure to check it out.
JARS - The #1 Java Review Service - Saturday, August 27, 2005 - links to this post

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