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Game Room Antiques

This site is cool if you like old style gaming equipment. They have it all here. You can buy, sell, trade slot machines, pinballs, juke boxes, pachinko, gumball, claw machines. They have auto love seat sofas. Incredible! Arcade games, sport and carnival games, kiddie rides, old barber poles, gas pumps and payphones. They have old records, 78's and 45's too! Old vending machines, fortune tellers, product dispensers. They also have neon sighn, 40's-40's style bars, back bars, diner booths and accessories. All collectable, all for sale. They also carry a wide array of repair manuals for old gaming and music equipment. The site has over 100 pages of stuff to look through. A great resource, if you need it.
Game Room Antiques - Wednesday, August 31, 2005 - links to this post

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