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Database for New & Used Attachments - Construction Equipment --This link is a real find if you need it. You can scour the Internet for hours looking for classified listings of that one particular attachment for your heavy equipment. All makes and models, all types of attachments. Here's what the site owner Randy Johnson says:

..." is your one source on the Internet to buy and sell new and used attachments for construction machinery. Our user friendly database of classified listings makes it easy to locate attachments throughout North America. Your search can be as broad or as narrow as you wish. And, our convenient links to virtually all North American attachment manufacturers ensure that you will find the attachment you need..."

You can search the database and place a Wanted ad for free. Placing a For Sale ad starts at $9.95/mo.
Database for New & Used Attachments - Construction Equipment - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - links to this post

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