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Cheapest Gas in your City - Any US or Canadian City

This is a cool site. What makes it so cool? Thousands, maybe millions of people contribute to this site. Folks log in and post gasoline prices at specific gas stations in their city. I have tried about 20 cities in Washington State, every single one had a LOT of stations listed. The prices are current. I know for a fact where the cheapest gas is here, and by gosh, they had it listed as the cheapest place in North Seattle. Go ahead, try it, I bet you can drive down the street to the nearest gas station, note the price, drive home and look it up. It will be correct. Considering this site covers the entire US and I assume most of Canada, this is a real find.

I wonder what these people do all day? Don't they work, have lives? Oh... wait... Never mind.
Cheapest Gas in your City - Any US or Canadian City - Friday, August 26, 2005 - links to this post

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