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Ancient Manuscripts

This is a little known site created by Glenn Kimball. His interest is in rare and hard-to-find books and manuscripts having to do with Ancient & Biblical times. He sells rare books and magazines, but the real find is his "Research" page (bottom left) which has literally hundreds of links to interesting sites dealing with Ancient & Biblical times. Some of the links are categorized, you can find those by scrolling down, otherwise it's a potpourri of links to surf from, if this is a topic you find interesting.

Some other topics included are George Washington, Egyption Mysteries, Ancient & Early America, Astronomy, Lost Tribes Of Israel, Japan, the birth and bloodline of Jesus, Fraternal Orders, King Arthur... there's really too many to list.

Even though this is not really one of my areas of expertise or interest, I spent half a day clicking links from this page. Some of the links that are not categorized are not even named yet, they say "Click Here" so clicking them is kind of like getting a "Random Ancient World Site" --you never know what is going to open.

Glen Kimball is an interesting guy, there a kind-of Bio here, and much more at the link:

Lightstream Productions
..."Glenn Kimball- received his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University and is heard on many talk shows. You can also listen to Glenn's interviews on Coast to Coast, the X zone, The Quest and a variety of other programs. Glenn's appearances on Coast to Coast have all been best sellers! Glenn has published in the Ancient American Magazine and in the After Dark Magazine among others. The show with Hilly Rose was the highest rated show in Art Bell History. "The Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus" sold more books on as a result of a Coast to Coast radio show than any other author in their history. Glenn was the key note address speaker at the UFO conference in Nevada in 1999. He not only speaks on the history of Jesus and his associates, but King Arthur, archeology, Egyptology, Anthropology and Quantum Physics. He is also an author and lecturer on Extra-Biblical manuscripts..."
Ancient Manuscripts - Saturday, August 27, 2005 - links to this post

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