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This really creeped me out, the first time I used this site. See that truck? It was mine about 3 months ago, in front of the bar where I used to work. It's a 1995 Isuzu, ugly spray painted wheels, broken front bumper, --I worked there and was inside when this was taken.

I didn't take that picture. Nor did any friend of mine. I found it at this web site.

What you do here is select a city, hopefully yours is listed so you can get creeped out too.

Next, notice the map starts in the downtown section. Put the cursor to the edge you need to go towards home, or any major street you live near. Keep going (whatever direction) till your section of the city is in the map. Click so that the focus is right where you want to look.

Next, look to the lower right, and start refining your search, picture by picture. I went for several miles with this thing, and it shows both sides of the street. I have no idea how far it goes but it is incredible.

If someone had told me I'd find a picture of my truck on the Internet, I'd have laughed.

I don't know if I like it or not, but it's one helluva tool. Don't ya think? Maps - building by building views... - Friday, August 26, 2005 - links to this post

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